Greg Leshé is an award winning assignment photographer specializing in people and portraiture.

Leshé pioneers, and pushes boundaries: going beyond the obvious, the mundane, the conventional approach of most commercial photographers. He offers a signature style of imagery that's intensely personal, emotional, gutsy, moody; undiluted. He blends instincts, insights and impulses from the commercial and fine art worlds; and innovates at the intersection of both.

  • Leashé works with a mix of clients, from savvy creative agencies, design firms, art directors, artist and galleries to progressive thinking companies, institutions and publications. he is genuine, down-to-earth and easy to work with person-to-person; without pretense or attitude.
  • He puts himself on the line for every client, every project.

Greg Leshé promises original results that will make sense and make waves in the eyes, minds, and feelings of viewers. He gets a wealth of sparks flying.

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